WASOL Group applies the 447 spirit from its inception until today to create WASOL’s difference in the awareness of consumers, customers, partners, employees, shareholders and the community.


Along with 4 core values and 4 typical behaviors, WASOL always takes 7 brand characteristics as a guideline for its actions.

Professional and dynamic will receive high trust from colleagues, customers and partners of the company. The habit of solving tasks quickly, safely, with quality and efficiency is a testament to the image of professional and dynamic people at work (industrial style).
Each individual is born with certain talents and strengths, sometimes overlapping, but no one is the same. Differences between individuals in a group are always there. The creativity that humans have is also unlimited. For that reason, WASOL Group always encourages its employees, managers, and executives to always explore creative thoughts and actions to continue creating new projects, products, and services. new and different, contributing to enriching, diversifying and bringing more interesting choices to serve life. If we are not creative, boredom will prevail.
All of us are born with a loving heart from our parents. Sometimes challenges at work and pressures in life can easily make our hearts cold and hard. Many times we are indifferent, cold and quietly walk past each other. Without sharing and caring, life becomes wasteful and boring. At WASOL Group, we encourage people to share and care for each other more, preserve positive emotions, preserve love and empathy, and cultivate happy, warm, and thoughtful moments. and many colors in life.
WASOL Group is known by customers and partners as one of the market-leading contractors in technology solutions in the field in which it operates. We constantly continue to explore, learn, research, apply and develop new technologies on the market. On the other hand, technology also brings many useful things to business as well as to life. Therefore, WASOL Group is always encouraged to choose this brand personality to develop and build its own image in life as well as in the professional working environment.
Usually we all feel enjoyed and happier if we achieve something unexpected beyond our expectations. That’s why at WASOL Group, we always try and encourage everyone to work together with the highest concentration and meticulous attention to detail to bring the best results, even if there may be unexpected things, which surprise for our customers. This is joy and also the motivation for us to constantly try to improve ourselves every day.
Everyone can contribute to the development of the social community in their own way, according to their abilities. It is both a responsibility and a joy. Society will be better if these activities are encouraged and widely spread. Once we feel unlucky, we can almost immediately find someone less fortunate than us. Therefore, WASOL Group always prioritizes activities that contribute and create useful values for the community in many ways: volunteer activities, sponsoring scholarships, mentoring to support talent development, … and collective encouragement. WASOL Group joins hands to contribute more trust and spread to each program and each activity, big or small.
Standards are expressed through the way we behave and act. Once we maintain discipline, comply well with laws, regulations, principles and living values that are widely accepted in society, or when we work according to the correct process, consistently pursuing professional ethical standards, business ethics, pursuing good values for life throughout our creative work process, we are aiming for standards. Standards bring solid confidence in people’s hearts. In many situations, it also brings admiration. Therefore, WASOL Group encourages its Wasolers to pursue and build this brand personality. In addition, we will also feel more proud when we are part of a standard and admirable organization.
(Quoted by WASOL Spirit – 447 Spirit)
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