During any use if you encounter any problems or user errors, you can contact ROSOL Service Center or ROSOL Customer Care Center directly for assistance. We always want to bring you the best service with the motto “Customer is God”.

1. Cases of free warranty:

Product warranty is: Fixing malfunctions, technical problems caused by the fault of the Manufacturer:

– The product is warranted free of charge if the product has a warranty period calculated from the date of delivery.

– The warranty period is indicated on the Warranty Card as specified by ROSOL

– Have warranty card and a warranty stamp of ROSOL on the product.

Shipping costs when under warranty:

For warranty claims in the area where free shipping is provided (Inner City of Ho Chi Minh City, ROSOL will be free of shipping and delivery costs).

For non-regional warranty requests for free shipping, please: Contact ROSOL directly or send the product to the ROSOL Service Center. You bear the cost of shipping.

2. The following cases will not be warranted (repaired with charge):

– The product has exceeded the time limit stated on the warranty card or lost warranty card.

– Warranty card, Warranty stamp torn, no Warranty stamp, warranty stamp overwritten or modified.

– The warranty card does not contain a serial number and the date of purchase.

– Serial number on the machine and Warranty card does not match or cannot be determined for any reason.

– The product has signs of damage caused by rodents or insects.

– The product is damaged by improper use of the instruction manual, using the wrong voltage.

– Unwantedly dismantled, repaired by individuals or Technicians who are not authorized by ROSOL.

– Repairs are charged for machines without the ROSOL brand.

3. Contact, questions, complaints about warranty issues:

If you are not satisfied or have any questions about warranty issues, please contact:

Address: 04 Le Quat Street, Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0906.688.834
Email: info@wasol-vn.com


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