Maintenance & Filter Replacement at home

When pollution of the evironment surrounding us gets worse, it negatively impacts on our health condition. To solve this issue, ROSOL purifier will get rid of harmful substance from water to directly drink without doubt. However, after frequently using, catridge filters in purifers should be checked and replaced if necessary

We provide you with the service at home. It includes water quality checking and catridge filter replacement. You only have to be charged for catridge filters with 100% new. Please do not hesitate to contact us through hotline: 090 6688 834 for further information of this service…

Maintenance & Filter Replacement at home

Understanding customer needs, as well as the desire to bring customer experience that exceeds expectations, Rosol provides the following water purifier maintenance service packages:

S1 Service Package: Short-term periodic filter core replacement

Rosol provides short run core lines including cores: RF filter core, GAF filter core, SCB filter core, SF filter core.

Replacement time: Average about 4-5 months depending on the frequency of water use of each family

Rosol technician will come to check the filter. For filter cores that are replaced too often and no longer ensure water quality, the technician will recommend replacing the core with a new one.

S2 Service package : Regular long-term filter core replacement

Rosol provides long-term core lines including PUF filter cores, large RO membranes, small RO membranes

Replacement time: Average about 10-12 months for small NS cores, 18-24 months for small RO cores, 15-18 months for PUF cores

Rosol technician will come to check the filter. If the filter core is replaced too often and no longer ensures the quality of the water source, the technician will recommend replacing the core with a new one.

S3 Service package : Accessories Replacement

The technician will check the overall machine and recommend accessories that need to be replaced/repaired, if any.

Accessories often replaced in the filter: pressure tank, pump, adapter, faucet, low pressure valve, etc.

S4 Service package : Machine relocation

For customers who need to relocate, please come to new locations. After customers complete construction, report to Rosol to assist in moving the machine.

S5 service package: Other brand devices

Rosol is always ready to check and replace filter cores and support troubleshooting for other brands’ models.

S6 Service package: Other services at home

In addition to support services, technicians are always available if customers need other machine maintenance services.

Why do customers choose Rosol to maintain water purifiers?

Choosing Rosol to take care and and maintain the water purifier because of your health and the water source you are using is what we care about and understand the most.

  • Fast delivery, on-time, on-site service
  • Maintenance of all brands of water purifiers
  • High quality imported filter core
  • Professional & dedicated technical team, available 24/7

If the customer owns a water purifier, taking care of and maintaining the water purifier at home is extremely necessary to keep the filter core clean and ensure a safe water source. Call Rosol service hotline 090 6688 834 immediately for detailed advice.


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