Rosol Custom Designed Water Purififer

A water purifier is a device that applies modern filtration technology to help remove chemicals, metals, bacteria, germs, and impurities that pollute clean water sources.

Nowadays, the domestic water source that you use every day contains many substances that are harmful to your health if used directly, so each family and company needs to be equipped with water purifiers for ensuring the clean water source, keeping safe for your health.

Rosol water purifier is meticulously designed by a team of experts and technicians, combining the most advanced and modern water filtration technologies. During the process of researching and developing water purifier products, our experts and technical team have downsized the capacity from large modular systems into compact water purifiers, which can suit the unique needs of each customer group.

Máy lọc nước thiết kế theo mẫu khách hàng yêu cầu

Currently, in addition to the basic product lines, Rosol also provides many kind of water purifiers designed upon request such as:

Water purifiers are designed according to customer requests

In addition to the current models are in production, Rosol also provides additional models with customized designs suitable for living space, water conditions as well as reasonable costs according to customer requirements.

Images on the machine: Customers can provide images of the business’s brand or family images that they want to convey the content on the filter. Customers can send design files to Rosol (if available), or Rosol can support the design according to customers’ proposed ideas.

Water purifiers are designed according to the capacity

Rosol đang cung cấp đến thị trường nhiều dòng máy cơ bản phù hợp với nhu cầu khách hàng như:

  • Non-discharge water purifier with the capacity of 15 liters/hour: ND-D15e.
  • Faucet drinking water purifier line with the capacity of 10 liters/hour: BS-D10e, BS-D10a, BS-D10s, PM-D10e, PM-D10a, PM-D10s,…
  • Faucet drinking water purifier line with the capacity of 15 liters/hour: BS-D15e, BS-D15a, BS-D15s, PM-D15e, PM-D15a, PM-D15s,…
  • Faucet drinking water purifier with the capacity of 400 liters/hour: BS-D400, PM-D400.
  • Water purifier line for domestic use with the capacities greater than 2000 liters/h: BS/PM- F2000

The criteria of water purifiers are designed as request

However, to meet increasingly diverse needs and bring experiences beyond expectations, Rosol will provide more multi-capacity and multi-function machines to serve customers. For specific requirements, Rosol will send technicians to the area where the customer needs installation to clarify the criteria:

– Main purpose of usages: Customers can use the filter for domestic needs, drinking pure water or for the laboratory

– Location where the machine needs to be installed: Spaces can be in an apartment, office or townhouse area,…

– Suitable capacity that customers want to use.

– Water quality: Technicians will analyze water quality, water pressure for the water source that customers need to filter and provide appropriate machine configurations.

Why choose Rosol water purifier?

In addition to providing product lines with the best quality criteria, Rosol also focuses on providing models with many different criteria such as:

– Using sRO technology to brings pure water, increases the ability to preserve natural minerals available in the water, reduces waste discharge, and which is environmentally friendly.

Luxurious, eye-catching design, beautifying the display space for home or office area.

– Custom-designed water purifiers provide unique images, marking unique personal content or the brand image the company wants to convey.

– Compact and diverse machine size suitable for many installation spaces.

– Smart LED lights, notifying periodic core replacement time, help ensure filter core materials are replaced at the right time.

Please contact Rosol via hotline 090 6688 934 for detailed advice on the most suitable and quality products!

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